4 April / Using the iPad as a creative tool

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Last night was awesome

Although everyone seems to regard it as a bigger iPod touch, I don’t. As a matter of fact, since day 1 I saw the real potential of this device. Having a touch surface that can be used as a music controller is huge. There used to be a touch based music controller called Lemur, which did cost way over a thousand bucks. Guess what: now it’s not selling anymore. Why? Because the iPad can do that, oh… and much more because it’s “a bigger iPod touch” too :D

So I’ve bitten the bullet and bought one too. And I really love it. I can carry it around with greater ease than my Macbook, and the best thing is I have Garage Band installed on it. That means I have a small DAW in my backpack all the time. It’s great to be able so sketch musical ideas while on the go, and finish them later in the studio.

I’ve sold my MIDI keyboard and use the iPad as a wireless one instead (see article photo). It doesn’t compare to the real thing, but since my main instrument is guitar and I’m using the keys just for chords, it does the trick for me. Oh, speaking of guitar, I bought an Apogee Jam, and using Garage Band and other two cool apps I can turn the iPad into a guitar effects processor with built in looper, drums, instruments & shit and use it for practice, or recording sketches.

I can also use it as a touch turntable to lay down scratches on my beats. Really helpful. You should definitely check out DJay if you’re into scratching and have an iPad/iPhone.

So there you have it. The iPad is not “just a bigger iPod touch used for consuming content”.

UPDATE: Here are some songs composed and arranged entirely on the iPad: Modjo - Lady (cover) and Retro Electro

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