1 February / The beginning of a new beginning

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Hello Sunshine

Hi, long time no see. Well… I’ve been busy. And a little stressed. Oh, blame Twitter for that.

I decided to change some things in my life to lose the stress and I started with my job. Yup, many probably know, many don’t, that starting today I’m no longer Creative Director at MB Dragan. I needed a change of direction, a breath of fresh air from all that clientwork-feedback-clientwork-morefeedback-moreclientrowk stuff.

An opportunity took chance in the first week of 2011 and I’ve decided to take my chances. I’ll cut the bullshit and skip to the point. I didn’t leave for another agency – as a matter of fact I’m still a partner at MB Dragan – I decided to work with Bullguard as an UX Designer. I’m part of a small team of professionals and I’m pretty excited about the cool stuff laying ahead.

What I’ll miss

The people I’ve met and had the chance to work with at MB Dragan. In 3 and a half years I had the pleasure to share my second home with a bunch of the most wicked, creative, crazy dudes & dudettes a person can wish for. They were funny – way to funny, dude –, hardworking and good teammates, and most of all my second family.

I’ll miss you guys! Dizzu, Maria, Cezara, Flori, Boar, Alex, Cristi and the rest of the gang !!!
I hope our paths will cross somehow in the future, but until then our food paths will surely cross at lunch !

Stay hungry, stay foolish!

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Oliver / 1 Feb

Hey Alex! I wish you all the best on your upcoming way! Rock it!

Cheers from cologne, germany, Oliver


Dragos / 1 Feb

Good luck man, keep up the great work!

PS. Do something about the blog, the page is “unscrollable” on iPad smile


Alex Buga / 2 Feb

Hey! Thanks guys!


Stefan / 2 Feb

Awesome! Can’t wait to see the stuff you’ll make!

@dragos: use 2 fingers


Irulan / 11 Feb

Good luck and don’t worry, be happy! smile


Alex Buga / 12 Feb

Thanks Irina ! Thanks all !


Kenneth / 24 Feb

This site looks awesome on my iPhone. Cheers!

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