2 November / Connect your guitar to your iPhone

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So now there are a lot of iPhone apps like Ampkit or iRig that simulate guitar amps. And you’re dying to connect your guitar to the iPhone and play some licks…

Problem is those “interfaces” are quite pricey and hard to find – at least here in Romania. The Ampkit Link, which is supposed to be a battery powered preamplifier and impedance matcher, is actually great, but its build quality is desirable… way to desirable.

I couldn’t play my guitar because it had a faulty cable. The tech support were kind and I guess they’ll replace it.

Anyway… the problem is I REALLY WANT TO PLAY my guitar. So I found a solution.

I bought a used iPod AV cable, and converted it to a guitar cable with no hassle.  Click on the photo to view it large.

You can find a tutorial here. The problem is that without a preamp, the guitar sounds a little muffled, and you have some noise when you use distorsion pedals. But it works very well.

Update You have to attach a 1kΩ resistor on the guitar jack in order to match the impedance with the iPhone’s. I must say, it works damn well now.

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Maxu' / 2 Nov

Un preamp/DI box ar fi prea mare ? Porcariile de la Behringer sunt destul de ieftine ...


Fyn / 2 Nov

Hey, I’ve been looking for inspiration lately and stumbled upon your website. And I’ve gotta say, this is the most amazing website ever! I’m really in love with the layout. Did you do all those materials on your own?
Anyways, it’s all pretty awesome smile


Alex Buga / 4 Nov

@Maxu – E huge prostia aia. am vazut-o azi.

@FYN Thanks. Yup I do it all on my own. The wood is a texture.

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