7 February / I’ve moved from the livingroom

15 May / Last.fm wallpapers

Last.fm wallpaper

Here are some wallpapers made from my Last.fm album covers. Enjoy!

4 April / Using the iPad as a creative tool

Last night was awesome

Although everyone seems to regard it as a bigger iPod touch, I don’t. As a matter of fact, since day 1 I saw the real potential of this device. Having a touch surface that can be used as a music controller is huge.

12 February / Walking on Lipscani

I really love the old city center of Bucharest. It’s full of life now. Enjoy !

1 February / The beginning of a new beginning

Hello Sunshine
Hi, long time no see. Well… I’ve been busy. And a little stressed. Oh, blame Twitter for that.

25 November / Yo Dawg ! We’ve heard you like glossy


Yo Dawg, we’ve heard you like glossy, so we’ve put a glossy LCD inside a glossy iMac so you can curse the reflections while you curse the reflections while trying to work!

2 November / Connect your guitar to your iPhone


So now there are a lot of iPhone apps like Ampkit or iRig that simulate guitar amps. And you’re dying to connect your guitar to the iPhone and play some licks…

27 September / I heart autumn 2010

Call me bohemian or romantic or whatever, but I love autumn!

24 September / What I’ve been up to lately. Future thoughts


Missed me ? ... Aw… C’mon, not even a little ?
Well, I’ve missed you guys!

16 September / Brit pop - late night jamming

  Brit Pop by alexbuga

Did this while jamming on my Maschine to clear my mind and forget some stuff that’s been bothering me for a while… now going to buy some beers to finish what I’ve started.